ps1 - 18.02 Problem Set 1 Due Thursday 9/11/08, 12:45 pm in...

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Unformatted text preview: 18.02 Problem Set 1 Due Thursday 9/11/08, 12:45 pm in 2-106. 18.02 Notes, Exercices and Solutions are for sale at the Copy Technology Center in the basement of Building 11. This is where to find the exercices labelled 1A, 1B, etc. Problem Sets have two parts, A and B. Part A has problems from the text, with answers to many in the back of the text, and problems from the Notes with solutions at the end of the Notes. Look at the solutions if you get stuck, but try to do as much as possible without them. Hand in the underlined problems only; the others are for more practice. Part A will be graded quickly, checking that the problems are there and the solutions not merely copied. Part B consists of unsolved problems, is worth more points, and will be graded more carefully. Many of these problems are longer multi-part exercises posed here because they do not fit conveniently into an exam or short-answer format. Advice: Make sure that you understand the problems by comparing your answers against the solutions, whether before (Part A) or after (Part B) the assignment is due. Keep up with the work in small installments dont leave it all for a marathon session on Wednesday night . You cant learn well under time pressure. To help you keep up, each problem is labelled with the day on which you will have the needed background for it. Homework Rules: Collaboration on problem sets is encouraged, but a) Attempt each part of each problem yourself. Read each portion of the problem before asking for help. If you dont understand what is being asked, ask for help interpreting the problem and then make an honest attempt to solve it. b) Write up each problem independently. On both Part A and B exercises you are expected to write the answer in your own words. c) Write on your problem set whom you consulted and the sources you used. If you fail to do so, you may be charged with plagiarism and subject to serious penalties....
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This note was uploaded on 04/28/2009 for the course MATH 18.02 taught by Professor Auroux during the Fall '08 term at MIT.

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ps1 - 18.02 Problem Set 1 Due Thursday 9/11/08, 12:45 pm in...

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