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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Handout 11 6.857: Network and Computer Security October 2, 2003 Professor Ronald L. Rivest Problem Set 4 This problem set is due on paper, on Thursday, October 16 at the beginning of class. Note: You have two weeks to complete this problem set! You are to work on this problem set in groups of three or four people. Problems turned in by individuals, pairs, pentuples, etc. will not be accepted. Be sure that all group members can explain the solutions. See Handout 1 ( Course Information ) for our policy on collaboration. If you do not have a group, seek partners by emailing TA. Homework must be typed! Each problem answer must appear on separate sheets of paper. Mark the top of each sheet with your names (alphabetically by last name), the course number (6.857), the problem set number and question, and the date. Homework must be typed and clear. We have provided templates for L A T E X and Microsoft Word on the course website. Grading and Late Policy: Each problem is worth 10 points, except where noted. Late homework will not be accepted without prior approval. Homework should not be submitted by email except with prior approval. ( Somebody from your group should be in class on the day that the homework is due.) With the authors’ permission, we will distribute our favorite solution to each problem as the “official” solution this is your chance to become famous! If you do not
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ps4 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 6.857: Network...

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