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Humanities 03.03.08

Humanities 03.03.08 - b Young man X There are two rooms in...

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Humanities 03.03.08 I. Continuation of Greeks art a. Complexity b. Unity between two things: the real and the ideal i. Real - diversities between men and women; actions II. The dying goan - broken sword a. Greeks called them barbarians b. Invade the Greeks c. Picture them as defeated d. Death represented in the ideal form and pretty e. Dramatic f. Lots of proganda III. Lots of items surrounding the statues that represent who the person is IV. Zeus is in the form of an eagle, raping a man V. Landscape - acropolis a. Apollis b. After the Persians destroyed Apollis, the Athena rebuilt as a temple for the Gods VI. Art as its own function VII. The Golden Rectangle a. Proportions b. Represented the perfect state of rest VIII. No straight lines - budge as you down a. Know the differences between what is real and ideal i. Want to look straight therefore needs to be curve IX. The top border of the building a. Continuous structure of the Athenians
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Unformatted text preview: b. Young man X. There are two rooms in the Parthenon a. Room one i. Goddess (Athena) holding a shield and a spear ii. Wears military items iii. Represents victory XI. Play performed a. Different thrones for different individuals to represent their status XII. Painting on vases a. Odysseus killing the suitors b. Comedic scenes i. Masks of a bimboo c. People racing chariots d. Representation of Apollo, god of wisdom and music i. Pulling out wine - formal religious activity to the gods XIII. Wall paintings a. Roman copied the Greeks b. There is no perspective c. Water colors - limited colors d. Venus - the goddess of love i. Represented: flowing above the sea e. House of the mysteries i. Iodistic f. Parthenon i. The temple to the gods ii. Interior space were limited the limber to used as the roof g. Death of the ancient world...
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Humanities 03.03.08 - b Young man X There are two rooms in...

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