Humanities 03.05.08

Humanities 03.05.08 - Humanities 03.05.08 I Remember a...

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Humanities 03.05.08 I. Remember: a. Optional review session : 3/12 at 5 pm in York 2622 i. What topics do you want to see in review session - email him at [email protected] (subject: review session) II. Monday - Painting: school of Athens a. Shows the relationship between the thinkers of Greeks philosophers I. The two central figures are: Plato and Aristotle III. Aristotle - theory of tragedy a. What the message? Who did what? The flaws? b. What connects the play together - characters’ flaws; we look for it everywhere c. Characters represent different POV d. The messages are no directly given; author force this to find out e. Prometheus - the conflict of making laws i. Looking for flaws in Oedipus 1. He is intellectuals; forethought 2. Betrays justice; follows Zeus 3. Forethought does not mean he knows everything 4. Responsible - lack of foreknowledge; his mother said to do that; a. Punished for his virtue b. E.g. the play doesn’t decided which flaw is to blame, but it is up to you f. “The real play is in the audience” i. The drama on the stage represents some kind of human conflicts that shows ourselves in the stage ii. The drama is for us to find out and show your judgment; numerous POV iii. Debate among characters IV. Oedipus the king a. Flaws: i. Arrogant ii. He is just wrong b. Last lines of the chorus
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Humanities 03.05.08 - Humanities 03.05.08 I Remember a...

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