Humanities 03.07.08

Humanities 03.07.08 - Humanities 03.07.08 I Antigone a...

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Humanities 03.07.08 I. Antigone a. Accept her argument based on a conservative perspective i. Object and traditional law. ii. Problem with Creon - who is an relativist b. Easy to call her an enrage revolutionist instead of a conservative c. Her position is questioned by the audience i. There are good argument and bad argument d. Wrong in arguing that it is just Creon temper that he is opposing the law against her II. Page 207 - Creon’s argument a. Modern progressive idea of laws i. The idea that we can make new laws we can make better decision than the past b. Social contract - the idea that there is some kind of agreement between the people and the authority to give legitimacy to the rules; doesn’t need to be written down i. the people on a ship needs to appoint an authority or they would be lost 1. Creon is the authority, which everyone agrees c. Authority/leadership i. Need to be obey in small things and in just things and in their opposite (the new position) 1. Have legitimacy right to small and large things 2. Needs to make demands that are obeyed 3. Make in just laws - rational position; (ship needs captains/rulers you may be right and people can’t argue against it. ii. A good ruler and willing to be well ruled iii. He will stand on his country’s side, faithful and just in the storm of battle 1. Overcome the enemies in the city iv. Disobedience to authority 1. Destroys cities/homes 2. No leadership in the state and everyone do whatever they want v. Example: 2 roommates; 1 never showed up for class and it sexually active and 1 is like you (discipline) vi. Antigone is undisciplined
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1. Insist on her own ideas a. Relativism lack of discipline vii. Can’t get victory to a woman 1. Brings out an emotional appeal 2. Not a strong argument d. Deep thinking of political government e.
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Humanities 03.07.08 - Humanities 03.07.08 I Antigone a...

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