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Ying (Alan) Sun 11-29-07 Asian American Event Write-Up On October 18, I attended the Spoken word with iLL-Literacy event at the Multicultural Center theater. I almost left before the show started when I was informed that it was going be poetry but I stayed and I'm glad that I did for it was a great show. The group iLL-Literacy took poetry into a new generation. Individually, Dahlak Brathwaite, Nico Cary, Adriel Luis, and Ruby Veridiano-Ching all hold their own noticeable personal achievements but together they create unique blend of words, hip-hop, theater and visual art. The first thoughts that usually comes to mind when I think of poetry is somber and depressing clubs with people snapping their fingers. This performance however completely changed my understanding of poetry forever. Theirs words were entertaining yet at the same time insightful. Their striking accounts of our political
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Unformatted text preview: and social atmosphere exemplified how powerful words can be. While Asian Americans aren't considered to be a huge force in the entertainment industry, especially music, the members of iLL-Literacy are able to embrace hip-pop and infuse their own personal views to express them to the world. The members of iLL-Literacy do not conform to the Asian American expectations and characteristics because they define their own expectations and characteristics. There are also no defined gender roles as the only female member of the group is able to hold her own with the rest of her male group members as they perform together and with only one female voice in the group, her words would ring loudest to the ears of other women. I praise this group of gifted Asian Americans for their ingenuity and insight....
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