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Lab 6 Discussion

Lab 6 Discussion - Ying(Alan Sun Lab#6 Determination of an...

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Ying (Alan) Sun 11-16-07 Lab #6: Determination of an Equilibrium Constant using a Spectrophotometer Discussion: This experiment required a lot less actual experimentation and focused more heavily on observations and calculations. The sample solutions were already prepared for u so I would've assumed that everyone would have similar results with less chances for errors (although I did find a major one) to occur. All that was required of us for data collection was calibrating the spectrophotometer, and then placing cuvettes of solution into the spectrophotometer and reading the absorption. The tricky part was calculations. The main point of this lab is to prove that the K, the equilibrium constant is just that, constant. I found that the average K constant to be 1706 with a standard deviation of 127.85. With no ideal K constant given to us, it is unknown whether this was an accurate result, but the fact that there was an overwhelming average deviation of 127.85 from mean shows that if the solutions and
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