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Ying (Alan) Sun 11-8-07 Lab 4: Determination of a Chemical Formula Discussion The purpose of this lab was to observe the reactions of metals with water and acid. In part I, we specifically used zinc and calcium. The calcium samples were much more reactive to both water and hydrochloric acid than zinc. This was to be expected because based on its location on the periodic table and the knowledge of Group 2A alkaline earth metals, calcium is obviously highly reactive. Zinc, however, is a transitional metal so it is less likely to react. This is also why only very dilute hydrochloric acid (0.02M) was needed to react with calcium whereas a very concentrated hydrochloric acid (6.0M) was needed to react with zinc. In the case of the zinc hydrochloric acid reaction, the oxygen gas that kept our matchstick alight was sucked into the mixture test tube, thus extinguishing the flame. Calcium was very reactive with hydrochloric acid as a gradual fizzing occurred when the two were combined. Had the reaction been allowed to continue on, the fizzing would most definitely have
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