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Humanities 03.12.08 - Humanities 03.12.08 I II III Final a...

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Humanities 03.12.08 I. Final a. Blue books b. First part - 20 short questions I I. Review session: 5-6:30 in York 2622 I I I. Humor and comedy a. What is tragedy and comedy tells a lot about a civilization b. It is sweet to die for one’s country - tragedy c. Laughing at oneself i. Nothing more important than the individual self - confronting the things that you are afraid of rise above yourself ii. Death is the thing that is more intimidating iii. Survivals in a world that is against us (conflict of ideas and beliefs) leads to the cultural death IV. Peithetaerus - (Makemedo) a. Means the persuader , the one who gets you to do by with an argument b. Leaves Athens because it is a state of culturally collapsed i. In slaves to the laws and officials c. Escape to the desert persuades the crows develop into a new society/communication flatter them (to go along with him to put him in power) d. Persuasive argument and lying to grab political power e. Half way through the play he is dinning on the birds f. Goal: i. enslave the bird with their pressure (symbolic of the human race) ii. Gets the ultimate power of the Earth - Basileia - the divine princess
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g. Make war on the Gods to take their power h. What does Aristophanes think of this? Everything is wrong with Athens i.
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Humanities 03.12.08 - Humanities 03.12.08 I II III Final a...

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