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Name: Ying (Alan) Sun TA: Ethan Nanette Noah Section: 1pm - 2pm - 3pm - 4pm - 5pm - 6pm Film Analysis Assignment: Citizen Kane (1941, Welles, 119 min), due Wed. Aug 13 th in section Record observations about the cinematography of five scenes: Framing (Angle, Height, Distance) Camera Movement (Pan, Tilt, Tracking, Crane) Lens/Focus (wide-angle, normal, telephoto, deep or selective focus) Opening scene Close-up of “No Trespassing” sign and fence shot from the ground. Slowly fades into longer shots of grounds and Kane's room window. The camera tilts up from the sign, tracking the fence, moves through an opening in the fence and then through the gate. Then, after exploring the grounds, it enters the bedroom of the dying Kane. Wide angle lens selectively focused on “No Trespassing” sign, chain link fence, the grounds of the manor, and Kane's bedroom. Kane taken from his family by Thatcher (starts with him playing in the snow) Straight-on angled long shot of Kane sliding in snow.
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