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Julianna Bloom Lauren Denman Michelle Giorgi Hallie Mitchell 1) Name the five stages of grieving that have been applied to injury in sport. 1. denial 2. anger 3. bargaining 4. depression 5. acceptance 2) T/F: The dynamic core is a reciprocal relationship between cognitive appraisals, emotional and behavioral responses. TRUE 3) What are two of the four factors relating to an individual’s response to injury? 1. Personality 2. History of Stressors 3. Coping Resources 4. Intervention 4) How many of injured athletes experience extreme responses to injury (esp. depression)? 10-20% 5) Name two of the five situational factors that are positively related with adherence to rehabilitation. 1. a belief in the efficacy of treatment 2. comfort of the clinical environment 3.
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Unformatted text preview: convenience of the rehab scheduling 4. perceived exertion during rehab 5. social support for rehab 6) T/F: Physical and psychosocial recoveries occur simultaneously and are always complete. FALSE 7) In the future what also should researchers look at in regard to the impact of injury?-the impact of the meaning of the injury for the athlete on their responses to injury (understand the meaning of the injury for each athlete) 8) What did Udry et al say about denial in past research and who should it be reserved for and why?- only minimal support for the stage of denial; it has been mislabeled and should be reserved for non-compliant athletes who refuse to accept it, despite knowing the extent of the injury...
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