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Names: Julianna Bloom and Chase Traphagen The Pepperdine Independence Scale On the following pages, there are phrases describing people's behaviors. Please use the rating scale below to describe how accurately each statement describes you. Describe yourself as you generally are now, not as you wish to be in the future. Describe yourself as you honestly see yourself, in relation to other people you know of the same sex as you are, and roughly your same age. So that you can describe yourself in an honest manner, your responses will be kept in absolute confidence. Please read each statement carefully, and then fill in the bubble that corresponds to the number on the scale. Response Options 1 : Very Inaccurate 2 : Moderately Inaccurate 3 : Neither Inaccurate nor Accurate 4 : Moderately Accurate 5 : Very Accurate New Scale 1.  Unconcerned about the opinions of others. 2.  Don't rely on media for appearances. 3. 
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Unformatted text preview: Okay with not pleasing everyone. 4. Take my own route to accomplish tasks. 5. Enjoy being patted on the back. 6. Approval of others is always needed. 7. Needs encouragement from others. 8. It is important to be liked by others. 9. The way someone or something looks is important. 10. Needs support from others. Original Scale 1. Don't care what others think. 2. Don't care about dressing nicely. 3. Feel it's OK that some people don't like me. 4. Sail my own course. 5. Love to be complimented. 6. Need the approval of others. 7. Need reassurance. 8. Want to be liked. 9. Believe appearances are important. 10. Seek support....
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