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PSYC 315 Psychological Report 1 Confidential Psychological Report Name: 168 Age: 20 Sex: F Referral: Respondent was referred by Dr. Steven V. Rouse; testing was completed to provide an opportunity for Respondent to take psychological tests for educational purposes. Tests Administered: NEO Five Factor Inventory Sentence Completion Series (Adult Form) Strong Interest Inventory Ways of Coping Inventory Results and Discussion: NEO Five-Factor Inventory: The Respondent did not answer all the answers; therefore the skipped questions were reported using the middle response of a “3.” The respondent also did not report that she answered all of the questions nor did she report that they were answered in an honest and accurate manner. For this project, it is assumed that she did answer in an honest way that can be scored. The Respondent obtained a high score on the Openness scale, the Extraversion scale, and the Agreeableness scale. The high score in Openness to Experience indicates that she reported being curious and unconventional. People who score high on this scale tend to have an active imagination and experience both positive and negative emotions more keenly than do closed individuals. Respondent’s high score on Extraversion suggests that she is social, assertive, and optimistic. Others who score high on the E scale are sociable, active, and enjoy excitement and stimulation. She also scored high on the A scale which implies that she is altruistic and usually sympathetic to others and willing to help. The respondent scored only slightly below average on the Conscientious scale. This suggests that she is closer to the average person’s score on the C scale. This indicates a balance between being strong willed and determined and being spontaneous. Respondent’s score was in an average range for the N scale. This indicates that she reported a balance in emotional responses to stressful situations. She reported having experienced fear, embarrassment, and anger just as much as calmness and being relaxed. Sentence Completion Series: Respondent’s comments suggest a person that is confident and outgoing. She wrote that her personality is “outgoing, spontaneous, and fun loving.” As well as stating that the person others see “is very much the same me that I keep to myself.” Her responses also imply that she loves being around other people. She mentions that playing “with others is more fun than playing alone” and that “being
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psyctestingreport - PSYC 315 Psychological Report 1...

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