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debate paper 1 - Julianna Bloom February 17, 2009 PSYC 373...

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Julianna Bloom February 17, 2009 PSYC 373 Dr. Folkerts Debate 1: Are Laws Against Drug Legalization Effective? Another way to phrase this topic is by the question: Should drugs be legalized? With a topic so controversial, there are conflicting views in regards to the legalization of drugs in the United States. Opponents of legalization argue that the government has control over the situation and is working towards effectively reducing the harm to society by prohibiting drug use all together. Advocates of legalization take a stance closer to the decriminalization of certain drugs rather than legalizing all drugs without regulation. Personally, I have a position that lies somewhere in the middle of the pro and con sides. Those against legalizing drugs maintain that this will only increase the use of drugs because of their new accessibility as well as the repercussions of increased drug use on society. They argue that our policies in the war on drugs are working. After drug use peaked in the 1970s, a strong “no-use” message was sent and the use of drugs decreased dramatically by the 1990s. They cite Sweden as an example as well. Their policies are strict no-drug strategies and have had great success with restricting drug use and enforcement of the policy. In turn, they can use the lack of success in the countries with a more lax policy on drug use to strengthen their argument that prohibition works. Another argument on their side, is the idea that increased drug use from
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debate paper 1 - Julianna Bloom February 17, 2009 PSYC 373...

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