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CHAPTER 7: OPERANT APPLICATIONS Animal Care and Training: - Ex. Giving an elephant a manicure – putting its feet into holes behind a wall - Ex. Behavior training in dogs - Use mostly positive reinforcement Self Awareness - Humans o Tend to learn from others - Animals o Chimpanzees (Gordon Gallup, 1970, 1979) First person to show that other animals have self awareness; placing mirrors indicates knowing self o Pigeons (Robert Epstein and colleagues, 1981) Pecking a dot on its chest when looking in a mirror o Dolphins (Reiss and colleagues, 2001) o Elephants (Reiss and colleagues, 2006) Self Control - Physical restraint - Distancing
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Unformatted text preview: -Distraction-Inform others of your goals-Monitor behavior Verbal Behavior-language learning o infants saying different words – parents give praise etc.-using language in conversation o reinforcement during conversation; encouragement-lying o to avoid punishment-insightful problem solving-creativity o rewards for certain behavior; or punishment for creativity so it is suppressed-Superstition o Behavior that someone “thinks or believes” leads to a reward-Learned Helplessness o Learned that they have no control over behavior-Self Injurious Behavior o...
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