CHAPTER FOUR - o Staats& Staats(1958 o Paired...

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CHAPTER FOUR: PAVLOVIAN APPLICATIONS - Conditional emotional response: o An emotional response to a stimulus that is acquired through Pavlovian conditioning o Watson and Rayner (1920); first to discover conditioned emotional response and conditioned suppression - Conditioned suppression: o Reduction of ongoing behavior due to an exposure of an aversive CS Ex. Little Albert stops playing with his blocks when the rat is presented - Overcoming Fear o Mary Cover Jones (1924) o Counterconditioning – the use of Pavolovian conditioning to reverse the unwanted effects of prior conditioning Appetitive: pleasing; Aversive: negative - Wolpe (1958) systematic desensitization o Training in relaxation o Creation of a hierarchy of imaginary scenes that elicit progressively more intense levels of fear o Pair each item of the hierarchy with relaxation - Flooding o Prolonged exposure to feared stimulus allowing fear to extinguish (must be about 30-45 minutes or more) o Because avoidance is prevented fear can be extinguished - Prejudice
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Unformatted text preview: o Staats & Staats (1958) o Paired non-emotional words, positive emotional words, and negative emotional words with words of origin/ethnicity (ex. German, Dutch) and looked at pleasantness ratings-Paraphilia: incorrect love o Asked 60 male undergrads if they had engaged in certain activities (voyeurism, exhibitionism, fetishism, transvestism, sadism, masochism, pedophilia, rape) o Templeman & Stinnett (1991) o Due to conditioning to want something pleasurable -Taste Aversion (Garcia) o Conditioned taste aversion: an aversion to foods with a particular flavor acquired through Pavlovian conditioning One trial Interval between CS and US can be longer than a few seconds o Applications Chemotherapy patients (feeling nauseous after eating)-Aversion Therapy o Reduces the attractiveness of a desired event by associating it with an aversive stimulus Ex. Protecting sheep from coyotes; wine drinking; smoking o Immune system Allergies (generalization)...
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CHAPTER FOUR - o Staats& Staats(1958 o Paired...

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