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Julianna Bloom Psyc 371 Dr. Bauer September 15, 2008 Chapter 2 Homework 1. It is easier to see the circles if you look slightly above them. This is because your peripheral vision area has more rods than cones. Rods are essential in night vision and seeing general objects in black and white. 2. It took me about 6 minutes to adapt to the dark conditions and be able to see all of the circles. 3. It is difficult to see all of the circles at first because your eyes are still adjusting to the dark and the pupil size is changing to let in more light. The line of circles gradually fades into a gray color, and you can’t see all the circles until your eyes can detect more color through the cones when your pupil size dilates to let in
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Unformatted text preview: more light so you can use the areas with more cones. 4. Another situation would be when going into a dark movie theater to find your seats. Your eyes have to adjust to the lighting of the theater before you can detect all the shapes of the seats and the stairs. 5. If your genetics slowed the process of dark adaptation, your lifestyle would have to change because there would be certain situations that would take a long time to adjust to when going from a light environment to a dark one. Also, when in the dark and trying to adapt, it would make it more difficult to see shapes and objects so your other senses could be heightened to compensate for it....
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