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final questions - Final Questions I. Asch's Studies on...

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Final Questions I. Asch's Studies on Conformity 1. Heather walks into her first class of the new semester and decides to sit near the back. The professor writes a simple question on the board “2+2=?” As he goes around the room asking each student the answer, Heather notices they are all giving the incorrect answer so she too answers incorrectly. According to Asch’s studies on conformity, which concept is best illustrated here? (Julianna Bloom) A. groupthink B. group pressure C. de-individuation D. learned helplessness 2. Because the confederates involved in Asch's study were giving incorrect answers and the participant concurred with them, the participant was influenced by which of these? (Julianna Bloom) A. status B. personality C. informational influence D. the fundamental attribution error 3. As seen in Asch's studies on conformity in groups, all of the following influence their actions EXCEPT: (Julianna Bloom) A. Authority B. Cohesion C. Group Size D. Public Response II. Milgram's Studies on Obedience 1. Stanley Milgram's experiments found that about 65% of participants continued to give electric shocks to the learners despite their protests. Of those 65% there was about an 80% chance they would continue after 150 volts all the way to the end. Which social psychological concept is illustrated by their actions? (Julianna Bloom)
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final questions - Final Questions I. Asch's Studies on...

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