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task list - we know ALL 10/22 Verika Critical Eval...

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Task List November 24 th , 2008 Group Members: Julianna Bloom Verika Dildy Jennifer Singleton Jade Tibbals Responsibilities Assigned To Due Date Completed By Group Contract Jennifer 9/10 Jennifer Project Proposal Jade 9/10 Jade 3 Article Summaries Verika 9/17 Verika 4 Article Summaries Jade 9/24 Jade 4 Article Summaries Jennifer 10/1 Jennifer 3 Article Summaries Julianna 10/8 Julianna Critical Eval: Common Themes ALL 10/22 Julianna Critical Eval: What
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Unformatted text preview: we know ALL 10/22 Verika Critical Eval: Limitations ALL 10/22 Jade Critical Eval: Future Studies ALL 10/22 Jennifer PowerPoint Slide/Notes Content ALL 11/12 ALL Construction of PowerPoint Slides Jade 11/12 Jade PowerPoint Notes Integration Verika 11/12 Verika Task List ALL 11/19 Julianna & Jade Group Eval ALL 11/19 Julianna, Jade, & Jennifer Binder Jennifer 12/3 Jennifer...
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