Chapter 3 Microsociology

Chapter 3 Microsociology - Chapter 3 Microsociology:...

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Chapter 3 Microsociology: Testing Interaction Theories “Social Psychology” The Rational Choice Proposition Within the limits of their information and available choices, guided by their preferences and tastes , humans will tend to maximize. Reasonable assumption? limits of info and available choices ….. social forces powerful – remember Stark: people have different basis for making choices and different alternatives from which to choose Preferences and tastes define what the individual finds rewarding or unrewarding. Tend to maximize? Maximize means??? Altruism? Is there any such thing as selfless behavior From a rational choice perspective perhaps not???? But people are selfless – Mother Teresa Her behavior violates rational choice only if we adopt narrow definition of rewards Power of Christian message is NOT that we avoid rewards. It is that we should find rewards in serving others. Symbolic Interaction Theory; Focus is on development of a Self Assumption is that much of what we want we can only get from others – social beings People are endlessly influencing and being influenced by other people around them. Interaction through the use of symbols makes and keeps people human. Names associated with Symbolic Interaction theory George Herbert Mead and Charles Horton Cooley (late 1800s, early 1900s) Herbert Blumer (mid 1900s) Who are you? “Self,” “Identity”…Self: Conception of who we are
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Chapter 3 Microsociology - Chapter 3 Microsociology:...

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