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Chapter 5 - environment Monozygotic vs Dizygotic twins...

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Chapter 5 Biology, Culture and Society Instincts? Behavior that occurs in ALL normal members of a species that is NOT LEARNED Do we have instincts? Certainly not the way the salmon does Child raised in isolation becomes? Parenting “instinctual”? Genotype and Phenotype The genotype is the total of the genetic instructions an organism receives from its parents. The phenotype is what we see when we look at an organism. Genotype and Phenotype The genotype is genetic potential. The phenotype is the outcome of the combination of the genotype and the
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Unformatted text preview: environment. Monozygotic vs. Dizygotic twins Monozygotic = “identical” - genetically the same Dizygotic = “fraternal” – genetically more like siblings What do twin studies tell us – IQ completely genetic? – Crime, homosexuality… bio does matter, but not the entire answer Minorities in Sports…. Video Why minorities overrepresented in sports? – Discrimination in other areas. This is what is open to them. – “Qualifications” more easily measured – Impact more visible and significant...
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