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Julianna Bloom SOC 200, Dr. Perrin October 21, 2008 Social Inquiry #1: Situation 1 Daily experiences and information reported to the public by mass media have an affect on the way society perceives different events. For example, sports are popular throughout North American society. The media influences how we experience different sporting events because of the way it is reported. It is the middle of American football season, the end of the baseball season, and the beginning of hockey season. With these most popular sports being the focus of TV networks, they must decide what is newsworthy and entertaining enough for the audience. In recent hockey news, Ryan Hollweg of the Toronto Maple Leafs, was automatically suspended for three games after receiving his fourth game misconduct penalty within 41 games. He received the boarding penalty during his game in St. Louis. That was his second versus the Blues. His first two game misconducts came when he was a New York Ranger versus the Edmonton Oilers and the Montreal Canadiens. As he sits out for three games, Hollweg will give up about eighteen thousand dollars of his salary. Also, if he receives one more game misconduct penalty in the next 41 games, he will automatically be suspended for four games. Violence is a social problem in North America and it often occurs during sporting events. Violence in sports is not seen as the same as violence elsewhere because society views it as an exception and within the rules of sport. “Violent actions are actually encoded into the rules of some sports, and there are sport-specific techniques, tactics, and
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strategies that are quite violent but considered perfectly appropriate in playing the sport” (Eitzen & Sage, 136). People can justify the violence because the players know what they are getting into when they join the sport. Hockey is a great example of a sport in which some actions are considered violent but necessary to the physical aspect of the game. But the NHL also has rules to control the “acts of violence” so as to protect the players from as much injury as possible. In this case, the player was penalized for actions deemed “too violent” too many times. When fans are asked, “Surveys indicate that
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social inquiry 1 - Julianna Bloom SOC 200 Dr Perrin Social...

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