social inquiry assign 2

social inquiry assign 2 - Julianna Bloom Dr. Perrin, SOC...

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Unformatted text preview: Julianna Bloom Dr. Perrin, SOC 200 November 25, 2008 Social Inquiry #1 Most recently, Barak Obama was announced as the president-elect of the United States of America. He is the first African American to hold the most prestigious position of running our country. This was cause for an uproar among the people because they felt the need to point out his race and look at that rather than at his policies. Because he is the first African American to be in this position, some people were glad to have diversity and some people see his race as the only factor in voting. Some people may have a predisposed prejudice because of previous events or history. This should not be a factor in deciding who will run our country the best. I believe that it is important to not look at race as the only factor but look at the facts. Im sure as he was running for president, Obama faced an array of prejudice and racism aimed his way. Our country has not completely rid ourselves of racism since the days of slavery, but now it is a bit more subtle. By electing an African American president, the United States has deviated from the social norms set by the founding fathers of our country. Historically speaking, our country has always elected an older white male to lead our country. We have now completely shattered that norm. Obama has broken the glass ceiling for blacks and minorities. He has been able to show society that things can change and minorities will not always be unequal. Allports Theory of Contact states that prejudices will decrease when two different groups in contact are on equal levels and striving for a common goal. But his theory also states that prejudice will intensify if the groups are engaged in competition, which I think is exemplified in the race for the presidency seeing as one candidate was white and one was black. Therefore, the prejudice seen in the public and in the media comes through in times of competition between groups. In contrast,...
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social inquiry assign 2 - Julianna Bloom Dr. Perrin, SOC...

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