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Kate Masterson Newman Final Draft- March 12, 2009 Have you ever thought that being happy could give you wrinkles? When any facial expression, like smiling, is repeated again and again, the muscles in your face create a very fine crease just below the skin. Frequent use of the same facial expressions degenerates the elasticity of the skin, making it unable to recover to its wrinkle free state. Women have always been expected to fight aging and stay looking young forever by whatever means possible. Today's anti-wrinkle creams are just the latest potions we rely on. The cosmetics industry uses science and hype to convince us that aging has become an avoidable process: with a little time and with a lot of money you too can slow, stop or reverse the signs of aging. Society has made the “natural” process of aging socially awkward and unnatural. Many factors contribute to the formation of wrinkles. Among them, aging is the most obvious. Then comes second: Genes, passed on from generation to generation are just one more thing you can blame your parents for. Fighting your “wrinkled genes” will always be an uphill battle. Then again, what isn’t?! Repeated exposure to the sun’s harmful rays comes in third. Scientific studies have shown that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light breaks down collagen and damages the synthesis of new collagen, resulting in loose, wrinkled skin. Collagen, a common protein, that works along side another important protein, elastin, to connect and support the skin. Collagen and elastin fibers work together to keep our skin smooth, wrinkle-free, strong and flexible. Over time our bodies produce less of these two proteins and they break drown and become weak causing the skin to wrinkle and sag. To deal with these causes of wrinkles, we have developed an arsenal of weapons. As a
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Final Draft - Kate Masterson Newman Final Draft Have you...

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