Lecture 12 Eco3B

Lecture 12 Eco3B - Bring a calculator to discussion section...

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2/27/09 1 Bring a calculator to discussion section next week (March 2-6) IV. Climate change IV. Climate change A. What is the greenhouse effect? B. Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), methane (CH 4 ) C. Evidence that temperature is rising D. Evidence of human cause E. Effects 1. Humans 2. Natural systems A. What the greenhouse effect? Solar radiation (sunlight) passes through atmosphere Solar radiation absorbed by earth, re-emitted as infrared radiation (heat) Greenhouse gasses are not transparent to infrared radiation - some heat is radiated back to earth The atmospheric greenhouse effect Greenhouse effect keeps average temp. 13 o C (55 o F) Without - average temperature -19 o C (-2.2 F) Moon is same distance from sun, yet moon’s climate is extreme no greenhouse effect
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2/27/09 2 Enhancement of greenhouse effect Most important greenhouse gasses: Water (H 2 0) Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) Methane (CH 4 ) http://www.ucar.edu/learn/1_3_1.htm B. Carbon dioxide 1. Svante Arrhenius - published in 1896 that CO 2 , from burgeoning industry, would warm climate *theoretical – from basic physical properties *predicted double CO 2 increase 5 o to 6 o C *Swede, though warmer climate would be great 2. Charles David Keeling (SIO) measure CO 2 from 1958-2005 Dave Keeling 1928-2005 Keeling curve B. Methane Sources of methane Enteric fermentation (ruminants)
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Lecture 12 Eco3B - Bring a calculator to discussion section...

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