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Slides 2 - The Swing Era “The Swing Era was when jazz had...

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Unformatted text preview: The Swing Era “The Swing Era was when jazz had the kids.” I Woody Herman The Birth of Swing? I August 21, 1935 - Benny Goodman's Orchestra I Palomar Balier (LA) I in the middle of a disastrous tour from NYC I management insisted on waltzes and corny dance music I Benny wanted to piay the hotterjazz I He had gotten airplay on Let’s Dance (NBC) I Last of 3 bands @ 1am; music heard @ 10;) in CA I Launches into “King Porter Stomp“ I "Might as weli go down swinging“ (Gene Krupa) I comp. by Morton (1906), arr. by Fietcher Henderson I crowned “King of Swing“ almost overnight I Henderson had little success with the same music - disbanded in 1934 - Benny later hired him as an arranger ...
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