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Dear Students, Our Unit II Exam is Thursday March 19 starting @ 11:30 in our usual room, WLH 2005. The exam is not cumulative. It deals with lecture, reading, and audio material presented in Unit II. It will be a similar format to our first exam. It should not take most students more than 1 or 1.5 hours, so there is ample time during our 3 hr. slot. Here are the TAs office hours for next week Phil - Monday 11a Mandeville Coffee Cart Jason - Tues 1-2p, Mandeville Coffee Cart Jeff- Monday 1-2p, Mandeville Coffee Cart and here's a review sheet I made up. I make no claims to it be comprehensive, but it should be useful. See you on Thursday. If you have questions, please email your TA. Dr. Borgo People Fletcher Henderson Don Redman Chick Webb Benny Goodman Gene Krupa Teddy Wilson Charlie Christian Lionel Hampton Benny Moten Count Basie Walter Page
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Unformatted text preview: Freddie Green Papa Jo Jones Lester Young Billie Holiday Coleman Hawkins Ella Fitzgerald Jimmy Lunceford Artie Shaw Tommy Dorsey Glenn Miller Tiny Davis International Sweethearts of Rhythm Mary Lou Williams Dizzy Gillespie Charlie Parker Kenneth Bindas LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka Paul Gilroy Ideas Swing? The Birth of Swing? Territory bands Modernization/Modernism/Modernity Machine-age music? Big band sound? Riffs? Head arrangements? The impact of radio? Jukebox? Marketing swing The hegemony of swing Hot vs. sweet? Confronting the color line Segregating factors? First steps towards integration? Gender issues? Class issues? Jazzs Golden Age? The AF of M recording ban? Factors for the decline of swing? The rise of bebop Contrafact Moldy Fig The Changing Same anti-anti-essentialism...
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