11.13.2008 - Post World War II Movie decline after Golden...

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November 13, 2008 – Post World War II Movie decline after Golden Age Television: invented in 1820’s o Didn’t spread until after WWII o 50’s became popular. o People became afraid Red scare o Blacklist because of communism: people who were put on this list could not work in certain places Discouraged creativity and experimentation Supreme court case o Made video in order to get out of production, distribution, and exhibition Strong international film movies Tried to make movie-going experience better Improved sound system, picture (wide-screen), pyrotechnics, sweeping landscapes, put more color in film, ordered people in film industry to stay out of television Frantic: tried variety of stunts, 3-D, pumped odor into theaters, Tingler: jolt of electricity in chairs Asked people to act during scary movies in the audience Ignored real problem: things have changed – television was the best media with the most attracted people. Many movie studios towards bankruptcy: many Hollywood businesses being taken over by non-Hollywood business that bought over studios. Film reflected many issues going on during society 1960’s: films became more experimental, arty, avant garde, cutting edge. Hollywood doesn’t have to aim at LCD anymore: so everyone can understand. More young people attending movies more Putting out films to attract younger people. 1970’s: disaster movies – earthquakes, etc. Blockbuster trend started during mid-1970s (blockbusters are extremely successful films- o Some youth went to these movies multiple times o During summer – every night is a Saturday night – most blockbusters o Tipped American movie esthetics: moved from being plot and character driven to
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11.13.2008 - Post World War II Movie decline after Golden...

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