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Picture the following scenario: Grocery shoppers are walking up and down supermarket aisles, listening to music on the overhead speakers while casually picking out their items. Then comes a noisy barrage of store employees, “Price check on aisle 12”, “Cleanup on aisle 4”, “Manager needed at checkout 8.” These overhead disturbances interrupt the relaxed shopping atmosphere and disrupt the shopper's experience, as well as slow- down the checkout process. Unfortunately, this scenario is commonplace in most supermarkets. Supermarket employees abuse the overhead paging system, which results in a disruptive shopping environment. However, GIANT Food Stores has recently taken steps to minimize these disturbances by installing SpectraLink's NetLink Wireless Telephone System™ (NetLink WTS) in its 98 stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. The NetLink WTS enables GIANT associates to communicate over portable, fully- functioning WirelessTelephones anywhere in the store, eliminating the need for noisy and disrupting overhead paging. Now a department manager can handle price checks without bothering GIANT shoppers. A cashier can deal directly with the front-end manager on a Wireless Telephone when cash is needed. A phone call from a produce supplier can reach the floor manager no matter where that person is in the store. Response time to customer needs is decreased and the level of customer attention is drastically increased. FUNCTIONAL AND PRACTICAL GIANT recently overhauled its stores' telephone systems and was looking for a better way for its associates to communicate and assist customers. SpectraLink's Wireless Telephones were
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Case_GIANT - Giant Food Stores case study case study...

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