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Maxtor Dramatically Improves Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations Industry Hard disk drive and workgroup-class networked attached storage device supply. Business Pain Manual information sharing created a 24-hour commu- nication lag time between its supply chain and world- wide reporting departments, thus preventing optimal inventory stocking. Why Business Objects? BusinessObjects Data Integrator and BusinessObjects Sales Analysis Rapid Mart com- plemented Maxtor’s existing enterprise applications, allowing its supply chain and manufacturing facilities to operate within a more flexible, real-time, collaborative environment and providing daily access to key billing, booking, backlog, tracking inventory, and finished goods inventory information. “Maxtor strives to be the most flexible manufacturer in the industry. It combines rapid access to information with the ability to quickly adjust and respond to changes in that information. That’s part of our core philosophy and the Business Objects data integration platform helps provide that availability.” Scott Hicar, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Worldwide IT for Maxtor Challenge Maxtor Corporation is the world’s largest supplier of hard disk drives in terms of unit shipments, as well as a leading supplier of workgroup-class networked attached storage devices. Customers and partners include leading computer OEMs, global distributors and systems integrators, and more than 2,000 U.S. retail outlets. Maxtor meets demands with a flexible manufacturing architecture that provides its partners, customers, and self with a unique competitive advantage by more efficiently responding to market variability. Maxtor, however, faced a 24-hour communication lag time between its supply chain and worldwide reporting departments. This lag was the result of manual information sharing among all domestic and international time zones. Maxtor sought a solution that would provide
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case_study_maxtor - Maxtor Dramatically Improves...

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