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JIT, MRP, TOC Matrix JIT MRP TOC Situation System Pull-System Push-System Push-System downstream from constraint, and Pull- system upstream the constraint Capacity Scheduling --- Infinite Scheduling Finite Scheduling Environment Assumption Stable --- Stable Reaction On Changes Very Sensitive Quick Reaction Because Of Infinite Scheduling Sensitive Transferbatch Focus Is On A Batchsize of 1 Set To The Process Batch Size Optimized To Maximize Throughput Improvement Set-Up Improvement
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Unformatted text preview: Everywhere Changes The Scheduling Set-Up Times Change When Throughput Can Be Improved Focus On Quality Customer Services And Due Dates Bottlenecks. Inventory Status Reducing Inventory To ZERO Inventory Can Be A Problem, But The Less Is Better With No Bottlenecks, There Will Be No Inventory Production Pace Set By Master Production Schedule Set By Master Production Schedule Set By The Beat/Rate Of The Customer...
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