Just In Time Manufacturing

Just In Time Manufacturing - 1 & Ford supplier,...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 & Ford supplier, Dana, has moved to the National Business Park located alongside Ford's Broadmeadows Assembly Plant. The move brings Ford a step closer to maximum manufacturing efficiency. Dana joins other suppliers including Venture and Air International that have moved to the Campbellfield site to provide components for the new BA Falcon using the ultimate in 'Just In Time' manufacturing principles. Each new Falcon that starts down the assembly line at Broadmeadows passes a bar code scanner. This triggers an electronic data message to each on-site supplier, specifying the model, trim level and suspension requirements. Ford Material Planning and Logistics Area Manager, Alison Scoullar, said there were numerous benefits using an in-line vehicle sequencing system. "It saves time, money and space. It removes the need for Ford, or suppliers like Dana, to store up reserves of the various iterations required for different Falcon models. This has the benefit of significantly reducing inventory costs," Scoullar said. The new Control Blade IRS, for example, comes in four different settings and can be mated to a limited slip differential and/or traction control....
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Just In Time Manufacturing - 1 & Ford supplier,...

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