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hw6.3 - Cost of Food Sold Food Cost Percentage 810/2,700=30...

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Hotel Dong Hyun Koo Occupancy Percentage 140/200= 70% A36594103 Average Daily Rate (ADR) 17,500/140=$125 RevPar 70%*125=$87.50 RevPac 53,900/308=$175 Housekeeping CPOR 2,170/140=$15.50 Restaurant Check Average 3,600/180=$20 Seat Turnover 180/150*1=1.20
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Unformatted text preview: Cost of Food Sold Food Cost Percentage 810/2,700=30% Cost of Beverage Sold Beverage Cost Percentage 162/900=18% Labor Cost Percentage 1,260/3,600=35% 5,000+500-4565-200+100-25=$810 7,000+250-7,188-100+200=$162...
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