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Rob Chudy Organizational Consulting Weekly Journals 1-7 WEEK 1 Today was the first class for Organizational Consulting 365. I am glad that I was able to add this class after being added to the waitlist. Had it not been for this class and its 2 credits, I would be under for the semester and that would have been such a hassle. My first impression of this class is generally positive. I think the teacher seems nice, but a little bubbly. She seems as though she has a lot of energy, which will probably be alright since this class is not early in the morning. I met my group partners for the duration of the classes. We spent much of class discussing our ground rules, which included the step ladder. After hearing about how the step ladder works it seems to me that it will be difficult to reach all 5 steps in the ladder, simply because of our short 7 week period. I feel that gaining the first level on the step ladder should be easy. Vicky is a swimmer who seems easygoing and driven to succeed. Lisa lives near me at home, though I have never met her, and is friends with some of the older members of my fraternity. We decided to meet later in the week. We came up with our own ground rules, which we will hand in next class. I like our rules because they are tailored to our team, not the entire class. Our first meeting went well and I think that we will be successful in our project for the semester.
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Week 2 This week in class we went over the North South East West Leadership wheel. At first I had no idea what this was all about but at the end of the class I really understood this concept. I found out that I fit into the North category. This is because I am driven, and would rather see results than talk about methods to accomplish a task. I also like being in a leadership position and have no problem making a mistake if it means getting something done. I realize now, that being a North is probably both my best and worst asset. Relating this leadership wheel to companies is a great way to determine how a company works. Apple for example is an east, because they are all about innovation. A SOUTH person/company is a nurturing one and West sticks with convention. I used this new knowledge and applied it to myself and my fraternity brothers within our organization. I have been elected Vice President House Manager for Delta Kappa Epsilon for 2 years in a row. One of the reasons is because I am great with my hands and I can fix pretty much anything. However, I realize now that this is not the reason that I was elected. It is because I am a NORTH. Other brothers in the house have similar abilities when it comes to house maintenance and repair, but they lack initiative. If something is wrong with the house and needs
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OCjournals - Rob Chudy Organizational Consulting Weekly...

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