SOCE 145 06.05.08

SOCE 145 06.05.08 - o Their children are dead and there is...

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SOCE 145 - 06.05.08 Movie - Reconciliation is an national project - The promotion of unity and reconciliation is spoken more than the achievement of unity and reconciliation - A group of 7 young men found dead. They were killed in an legitimate anti-terrorist attack - The police came to people’s house and arrested and locked them up. They requested to know who the speakers at the funeral were; however, the mother was weeping for her child to know what was going on. - Visual images of the aftermath was distributing and devastating to the victim’s families. Some mothers were unable to handle it and had emotional breakdowns. - “Knowing more can help” - The police said that he shot the man because his life was in danger. - This was a welled planned operation where these young men were lured into a trap. - This will be the first time the mothers meet the people who killed their children
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Unformatted text preview: o Their children are dead and there is nothing that can alter that o Mbelo is the name of the man who killed their children o He shot the child when the child was surrendering o He is selling out his own blood for money o The children were thrown away, dragged and punished as dogs o The mothers are willing to forgive his wrongdoing to let his live with his consciousness-The mother captured the remarkable moment of oppression. They have no vengeance against whites at all, which is considered remarkable. South Africa had not vengeance in their country. There is the spirit of forgiving and moving on to the future. The remarkable transition to democracy without vengeance. -Final exam o Combination of themes o Analysis o The strength and weakness of each perspectives...
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SOCE 145 06.05.08 - o Their children are dead and there is...

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