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Final Exam Study - Psychology 360 Fall 2008 Final Exam Study Guide Test info 100 points total 55-60 multiple choice 4 short answers NEW MATERIAL

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Psychology 360, Fall 2008 Final Exam Study Guide Test info: 100 points total: 55-60 multiple choice , 4 short answers NEW MATERIAL Childhood disorders -the developmental approach to psychopathology -ADHD: symptoms, comorbidity, future prognosis, gender differences -Conduct disorder: symptoms, onset types, prognosis, gender differences -Oppositional defiant disorder: symptoms, difference from CD -etiologies and treatments of the disruptive behavior disorders -Separation anxiety disorder: symptoms -Eneuresis and encopresis: symptoms -Learning disorders: symptoms, three types -Mental retardation: core features, levels of severity, etiologies -Autism: core features, comorbidity, etiologies -Treatment of MR and Autism Cognitive disorders -description of cognitive domains and their respective impairments (e.g., agnosia, aphasia, etc.) -Delirium: symptoms, onset, course, causes, treatment -Dementia: symptoms, types and causes of dementia -Alzheimer’s disease: course, anosognosia, causes, risk and protective factors, treatment
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