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RR 5 Jennifer Berry - Abnormal Psychology Psychology 360...

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Abnormal Psychology Psychology 360, Fall 2008 Reading Response #5, Chapter 9 15 points 1. I would diagnose Sam with cyclothymic disorder. It is a more chronic and less severe form of bipolar disorder that lasts for at least 2 years. In Sam’s case, he has been suffering these symptoms for 15 years. His depressive episodes seem to interfere more with his daily functioning than his manic episodes, which can be classified as hypomania as they are the same symptoms of mania but are not severe enough to interfere with daily functioning and do not involve hallucinations or delusions. He may also suffer from rapid cycling bipolar disorder, as he suffers from four or more cycles of mania and depression within a year. Possible causes of Sam’s disorder could be biological. His genetic make-up could predispose him to bipolar disorder, if, for example, he has biological parents or siblings who suffer from bipolar disorder. In addition, he could have genetic abnormalities (specifically on the serotonin transporter gene) or suffer from neurotransmitter dysregulation that disrupts the regulation of monoamines in his body. Since it seems that Sam has been experiences bipolar disorder since a young age, it suggests that physiological factors are largely responsible for the disorder. Therefore, I would suggest a drug treatment for Sam. Lithium is the most common treatment and has been shown to be effective in preventing relapses. Through stabilizing neurotransmitter systems, it appears to be more effective in reducing symptoms of mania than the symptoms of depression. This may be a problem for Sam considering his depressive episodes seem more severe than his mania. However, hopefully preventing manic episodes can help him stop using alcohol during these
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RR 5 Jennifer Berry - Abnormal Psychology Psychology 360...

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