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Characteristics Awareness, growth and healing are key ingredients to cook up an ideal leader. True leaders aren’t born, but are rather made. With traits like the following three, it’s irrelevant that the nation is bound to triumph. Having the ability to lead is rather special, but learning how to follow before you lead, is simply astonishing. From adolescence to adulthood, one’s growth depends on their determination and ambition. Leaders of the past have thrived of their growth factor, whether it has been Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X or even LeBron James, each one of these individuals had to mature as a person, before they could be seen as a leader. Over time, I believe my strongest attribute has
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Unformatted text preview: become my steady growth. Each year throughout my short life span, I have enhanced my leadership abilities. Whether it has been setting the proper example for my siblings, conquering every challenge that has crossed my path or whatever being the case, I can honestly step away from anything and say I gave it my all and that’s what a true leader exemplifies. With three distinctive characteristics representing my leadership abilities (growth, awareness, and healing), growth is the most predominant. Never being known as a follower I feel as if I can relate to many of the Civil Rights leaders and activist, as I too hope to embark on a journey that will leave a mark on the world....
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