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Evan D’Agostino May 1, 2008 EST 320 106003714 Final Paper 1. The radio spectrum is a renewable resource; however, it is possible for this natural resource to run out of usable frequencies because of congestion and interference from users of mobile phones and all other types of wireless technologies. Effective management of the radio spectrum plays a significant role in balancing the social and economic needs of modern societies. In 450 words, answer the following questions: a. Define spectrum management, and explain in detail, how governments, both national and international, allocate, allot and assign frequencies in the radio spectrum. Identify and detail the major trends that spectrum managers are now facing in the 21 st century. I will give you a hint; there are 3 major trends…. b. The FCC is auctioning off portions of the radio spectrum. What is the purpose of the auction and what do they hope to accomplish? c. Why does the US lag behind the rest of the world in wireless technology? The answer relates to who controls the airwaves. A.) Spectrum management “is the Planning, coordinating, and managing joint use of the electromagnetic spectrum through operational, engineering, and administrative procedures.” The objective of spectrum management is to enable electronic systems to perform their functions in the intended environment without causing or suffering unacceptable interference. Spectrum scarcity the idea that because only a limited number of frequencies are available, and the number of stations that may transmit at one time without causing interference is also limited, so this justifies government regulation of broadcasting. Some of the most basic decisions concerning broadcasting are made at the international level because radio waves cross international boundaries, and broadcasters cannot operate with blatant disregard for the interference they might cause in other countries. “International
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Telecommunications Union”: has overall responsibility of international administration of radio and television matters; 150 member nations hold World Radio Conferences every few years to
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wahoo - Evan DAgostino May 1 2008 EST 320 106003714 Final...

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