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Essay Africa 2 - Evan DAgostino 106003714 POL 337 In this...

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Evan D’Agostino 106003714 POL 337 In this essay, I will discuss the issue of nationalist awakening among the nations and consequences related to it and how nationalism in Africa is different from understanding the term elsewhere. I will argue that radical nationalism is extremely dangerous, infective and threatening to the international order and human rights. Nationalism was not widely discussed in the past and there are still several misconceptions about its definition, main assumptions and forms. Today, in the era of globalization, radical nationalism poses serious questions of moral and legal nature. Radical nationalism often leads to nationalist/ethnic wars, terrorism, genocides. It is often associated with the clash of civilizations and the role of hegemony in the international relations. The ambiguity of the term leads many people to perceive it as a positive attitude of the peoples in relation to others and their own homeland. However, radical nationalism is by no means positive. It is highly exclusive of differences and leads to conflicts that result in deaths of several innocent people, mostly civilians. Nationalism has many definitions, but it is generally understood as the attitude of the
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Essay Africa 2 - Evan DAgostino 106003714 POL 337 In this...

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