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Essay Africa 1 - Evan DAgostino 106003714 POL 337 Although...

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Evan D’Agostino 106003714 POL 337 Although for centuries, and even presently, African countries have been denied their sovereignty and cultural expression, the countries of the African continent have advanced cultural systems. The myths created regarding the African people unravel the sophistication of their culture, provide justification for control, and a means of oppression. Many viewed the African people as lacking a “capacity for improvement” and lacking any formal education. In sum, the African people were “human nature in its crudest state.” These statements of fallacy were unduly imposed upon the African people and provided the justification of imperialistic control and the denial of humanistic rights. Even today, African nations are struggling as they reestablish the culture that was stripped from them and attempt to keep up with the economic advancement of the modern world. Knowledge of the importance of culture in establishing a nation state, development of a nation, and even the breakdown is essential in an understanding of the African continent and its economic history. The independence struggle in any colonial space is fought will determine the character of the new state that emerges after independence. Much of the problems and outcomes experienced
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Essay Africa 1 - Evan DAgostino 106003714 POL 337 Although...

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