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ARS Chapter11 - Unit 2 Medium and Technique VI Craft and...

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Unit 2 : Medium and Technique VI. Craft and Design Lecture “Craft” (and to a lesser degree, “design”) is a problematic category because of the negative connotations that frequently attend it. It is used to describe functional or decorative objects made by an artisan or craftsperson, it is often perceived as operating on a somewhat lower level than “fine art” created by artists for purportedly higher purposes. Associations with summer camp projects, amateur arts and craft fairs, and hobby have also affected the reception of the term. In fact, many museums have recently banished the word “craft” from their names in order to resurrect the reputation of their collections! However, as you will see in Chapter 11, the line between craft and art is not distinct; nor is it particularly useful in many cases. Artists working in the mediums traditionally described as craft engage the same artistic processes and aesthetic principles as “fine art” artists, and often create works of great artistic value. We will focus primarily on ceramics, glass and fiber arts, but the importance of other traditional “craft” mediums such as jewelry and metalwork, basketry, furniture- making, graphic design and web design should not be overlooked. “Ceramics” refers to objects made of earth or clay and baked in a type of oven
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ARS Chapter11 - Unit 2 Medium and Technique VI Craft and...

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