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Deep thinking skills - DAC 598 CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT Deep...

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DAC 598 CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT Deep Thinking Skills ( FROM MAX UNDERWOOD ) What follows is a list of the kinds of "deep thinking" you can do with examples of questions to consider that encourage and reflect these different kinds of thinking skills. You might consider formulating and addressing some of these questions in the context of your design work, class discussions and reviews. Don't just pick any question at random. Select those that make sense within the context of the context, ideas and material you are considering. Those questions noted below are just suggestions. You are encouraged to modify them or even compose your own that would fit within any of the categories listed. When writing questions for reflection, use the following guidelines: Ask questions that do not have a right or wrong answer Ask questions that begin with "discuss," "examine," "describe," "explain," or "compare" Ask follow-up questions Ask questions that have several possible answers Do not ask narrow, focused questions - make your questions more open-ended Do not ask questions that have a fact for an answer - deep thinking questions seek out personal perspective, interpretation, application, etc. - your own thoughts (or the thoughts of others) Metacognition (thinking about your own thinking processes): What kind of thinking do you most often use? Use the list below as a check list to take stock of the thinking you most often exhibit in your writing. See if you can increase the diversity of kinds of deep thinking you use. Once you have written a paper or essay, before submitting it, read through it and see how often and how many of these thinking skills you have used. Is your writing a mere collection of facts or is at least 50% your use of the facts in service of "deep thinking"? You can improve your work by incorporating some of these deep thinking skills.
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Deep thinking skills - DAC 598 CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT Deep...

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