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1-22 Thursday - PGS 101-Notes Thursday Big Words Predict...

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PGS 101-Notes Thursday, January 22, 2009 Big Words: Predict and Control , Adapt(ive) and Change Psychology - (in terms of a science) the science of behavior and mental processes Behavior and mental processes are one of the same. Behavior : anything an organism does Mental Processes : internal, subjective…sensations, perceptions, dreams, thoughts, beliefs, feelings Science : a way of asking and answering questions: sift opinions and evaluate ideas with careful observation and rigorous analysis The American Psychological Association is the largest organization of psychology with 160,000 members world-wide, followed by the British Psychological Society with 34,000 members. Psychology’s Big Debate Nature vs. Nurture Darwin stated that nature selects those that best enable the organism to survive and reproduce in a particular environment (Birds with smashing beaks vs birds with long beaks to get food) The environment shapes itself Three Main Levels of Analysis Psychological Influences: Learned fears and other learned expectations Emotional responses Cognitive processing and perceptual interpretations Biological Influences: Genetic predispositions Genetic mutations Social-Cultural Influences: Presence of others Cultural, societal, and family expectations
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1-22 Thursday - PGS 101-Notes Thursday Big Words Predict...

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