SOCE 145 - 05.27.08

SOCE 145 - 05.27.08 - SOC 145 - 05.27.08 Continue with The...

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SOC 145 - 05.27.08 Continue with The clash of civilization o Last time, the characteristics of clash of civilization thesis o Criticisms of clash of civilization - identity and violence 6. Economic regionalism is going to ___ - regional association of countries success because those countries share a common cultural background. They form a union because they already shared cultural commons policies. Cultural similarities are the reasons why regional success. Globalization promotes the growth of regions and clash of cultures. The vagueness of the concept of his argument, civilization identity. He is unable to give a more precise what a civilization identity mean. An individual can’t be reduce to one identity state/civilization can’t either o - argument: Other people have to change, but we don’t. Other civilizations are “defective.” Defective means Islam doesn’t have democratic institution. It is evaluated in the terms of what the Western states have. No critiques of Western civilization. History tells us about multiple of civilization is that they borrow from one and other. They have things in common due to modifications of each other beliefs.
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SOCE 145 - 05.27.08 - SOC 145 - 05.27.08 Continue with The...

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