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The Lens Nearsightedness: nearbly objects clear, eye is elongated Farsightedness: faraway objects clear, eye is shortened Retina Retina : light-sensitive inner surface of the eye, contains receptors rods and cones , and layers of other neurons ( bipolar, ganglion cells ) that process visual information Optic Nerve, Blind Spot, and Fovea Photoreceptors Cones Rods Number 6 million 120 million Location In Retina Center Periphery Sensitivity in dim light Low High Color Sensitive? Yes No Detail Sensitive? Yes No Visual Info Processing - Optic nerves connect to the thalamus. Thalamus (lateral genticulate nucleaus) connects to the visual cortex - Color, depth, form, and movement, etc, are processed separately and simultaneously, called parallel processing . Retinal ganglion cells and thalamic neurons break down visual stimuli into small components and have receptive fields with center-surround organization Feature Detection Nerve cells in the visual cortex respond to specific features, such as edges, angles,
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09 Notes - TheLens...

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