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The Eye 1. Cornea: transparent tissue where light enters the eye 2. Iris: muscle that expands and contracts to change the size of the opening (pupil) for light 3. Lens: focuses the light rays on the retina 4. Retina: contains sensory receptors that process visual information and sends it to the brain 5. Fovea: point of central focus 6. Optic nerve: leads to brain’s visual cortex 7. Blind spot: place in the eye with no axons Retina: light-sensitive inner surface of the eye, contains receptors rods and cones , and layers of other neurons ( bipolar, ganglion cells ) that process visual information. Rods are wired for dim light; Cones are for color Photoreceptors: Cones: 6 million; located in the center of the retina; low sensitivity in dim light; color sensitive and detail sensitive Rods: 120 million; located in the periphery in the retina; high sensitivity in dim light; not color sensitive or detail sensitive Bipolar and Ganglion Cells: Bipolar cells receive messages from photoreceptors
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Visual information processing: Optic nerves connect to the thalamus. Thalamus (lateral geniculate nucleus) connects to the visual cortex. There are six layers in the cortex and the thalamus connects to all six. Ganglion and Thalamic Cells: Retinal ganglion cells and thalamic neurons break down visual stimuli into small components and have receptive fields with center-surround organization. On-center Off-surround; Action Potentials Feature Detection: Nerve cells in the visual cortex respond to specific features, such as edges, angles, and movements Shape Detection: Specific combinations of temporal lobe activity occur as people look at shoes, faces, chairs, and houses
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09 Notes - The Eye 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Retina , and...

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