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09 Notes - February24th AwakeandAlert , irregularbetawaves....

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February 24 th Awake and Alert During strong mental engagement, the brain exhibits low amplitude and fast, irregular beta waves. An awake person involved in a conversations shows beta activity. Awake but Relaxed Large amplitude and slow, regular alpha waves. A meditating person exhibits an alpha brain activity Sleep Stages 1-2 (Stages 1 (1-2min – nap jerk) -2(20 min- mumble, sleep talk)) the brain enters a high amplitude, slow, regular wave form called theta waves Sleep Stages 3-4 Deepest sleep (stages 3 (transition)-4(SWS)), large amplitude, slow delta waves Stage 5: REM Sleep Low – amplitude, fast and regular beta waves, much like awake – aroused state A person during this sleep exhibits Rapid Eye Movement and reports vivid dreams. Paradoxical because brian looks awake but… 90 minute cycles during sleep With each 90 minute cycle, stage 4 sleep decreases and the duration of REM sleep increases (refer to cycle chart in book) Why Do We Sleep? We spend a third of our lives sleeping. If an individual remains awake for several days, they deteriorate in terms of immune function, concentration and accidents (cutting oneself with razorblade in studio) Sleep Deprivation 1. Fatigue and subsequent death (hasn’t actually been experimentally proven) 2. Impaired concentration
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3. Emotional irritability 4. Depressed immune system 5. Creates vulnerability C Metabolic and hormonal functioning mimic aging Accidents Frequency of automobile accidents increased with loss of sleep (7%), ever decreasing with added sleep (7%) Sleep Theories 1. Sleep protects: sleeping in the darkness when predators loomed about kept
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09 Notes - February24th AwakeandAlert , irregularbetawaves....

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