16&18 - Method of Loci List of Items Imagined...

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Unformatted text preview: Method of Loci List of Items: Imagined Locations: Charcoal Backyard Pens Study Bed Sheets Bedroom Hammer Garage Rug Living Room Link Method List of Items Newspaper Shaving Cream Pen Umbrella Lamp Involves forming a mental image of items to be remembered in a way that links them together Organizing Information for Encoding Break down complex information into broad concepts: chunking or hierarchy Chunking: Organizing items into a familiar, maneageable unit. Try to remember the numbers below. Acronyms- another way of chunking ROYGBIV Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally Soh Cah Toa Hierarchy Complex information – broad concepts… subdivided into categories/subcategories Encoding Summarized in a Hierarchy Storage: Retaining Information- Three Types of Memory Events > Sensory Memory >Working Memory >Encoding >Long Term Or >Working Memory <Retrieval < Long Term Or >Working Memory to Retrieval Sensory Memory Whole Report- the exposure time for the stimulus is so small that items cannot be rehearsed (letters flashed in the yellow square) Partial Report- Sperling (1960) argued that sensory memory capacity was larger than what was originally thought The longer the delay, the greater the memory loss. Sensory Memories- The duration of sensory memory varies for the different senses (Iconic: .5 sec long, sight; Echoic: 3-4 sec long-Hearing ;Hepatic < 1 sec long hand Working Memory (How Long it takes you to work in your head) AKA short-term memory Limited capacity ( 7 + or – 2) and short duration (20 seconds) Sir George Hamilton observed that he could accurately remember up to 7 beans...
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16&amp;18 - Method of Loci List of Items Imagined...

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