24 - Genes design the mechanisms for a language and...

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Chapter 10- Thinking and Language Thinking- Thinking, or cognition , refers to a process that involves knowing, understanding, remembering, and communicating Concept- mental grouping of similar objects, events, ideas, or people Category Hierarchies We organize concepts into category hierarchies Language- Language, our spoken, written, or gestured work, is the way we communicate meaning to ourselves and others (language transmits culture) Semantics and Syntax Semantics is the set of rules by which we derive meaning from morphemes, words, and sentences. For example: Syntax consists of the rules for combining words into grammatically sensible sentences When do we learn language? Summary of language development MONTH STAGE (approximate) 4 Babbles many speech sounds 10 Babbling resembles household language 12 One-word stage 24 Two-word, telegraphic speech 24+ Language develops rapidly into complete sentences Genes, Brain, and Language
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Unformatted text preview: Genes design the mechanisms for a language, and experience modifies the brain Language and Thinking Language and thinking intricately intertwine Language Influences Thinking Linguistic Determinism: Whorf (1956) suggested that language determines the way we think. For example, he noted that the Hopi people do not have the past tense for verbs. Therefore, the Hopi cannot think about the past in the same way we do Linguistic Determinism questioned: It is easier to think about two colors with two different names (A) than colors with the same (B) (ozgen, 2004) Thinking about thinking… If you like that… pursue this line of inquiry… Where do your ideas come from??? Are there limits to your thinking imposed by language? Images and Brain Imagining a physical activity activates the same brain regions as when actually performing the activity...
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24 - Genes design the mechanisms for a language and...

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